Chris Wood


Experienced - Certified - Supportive

Clients often come and see me when they feel anxious. scared, stuck, blocked, or when life for whatever reason just gets too much. We all need a little help sometimes to find that next positive step in life. I also see many people who find themselves with no one else they can talk to and they feel the need to get a fresh perspective and clarity on their challenging Issues. There are also times when we all need a safe space to speak our truth.

Common reasons people feel a desire to talk to me:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Relationship issues

  • Lack of confidence

  • Environmental stress

  • Ongoing Illness/surgery and recovery

  • Health Issues

  • Aches and pains from life stresses


The support I can offer you includes:

  • Personal Development Coaching with integrated hypnotherapy and Psychoneuroimmunology. 

  • Reiki (Japanese system of energy healing).

  • Holistic body work – gentle massage techniques, re-alignment and light joint manipulation.

  • Meditation / mindfulness / breath work.

  • Body awareness and posture.

  • Personal & Spiritual development

Why I chose this profession:

My journey from the very beginning has always been one of personal need. My path started over 35 years ago by attending a yoga class which opened my mind body and soul to the potential and possibilities that lie within us.

As a young man, I always struggled with self confidence, body image, relationships, anxiety and depression and life seemed to be taking me down a very challenging path where I felt I couldn’t cope with life. This led me to what I can only call a physical mental and emotional car crash and like a lot of people, this is not always apparent from the outside.

These life events inspired me to look at new ways of living and 'being', a 35 year quest ensued and its definitely not over yet!

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