Session Costs: 

1 hour £50 

1.5 hours £70

2 hours £95 

I offer an initial no obligtation complementary 30 minute session which gives us a chance to meet/chat to one another and discuss your coaching/therapy requirements and how I might be able to help you.


Karley O

When I first visited Chris it was in the hope of finding a space to meditate and if possible regain some balance in my life. What I found exceeded all expectations and set me on a path of self discovery which has been both exciting and eye opening! I really enjoy the way each session gives me what I need at that exact time, no rules or set session plans; I always come away feeling I got exactly what my spirit needed. Be that Reiki, guided meditation or simply talking over events that have occurred since our last meet. The treatment room is a great space to be able to relax and talk and I find I feel at ease as soon as I walk in. I greatly value my time with Chris and look forward to discovering more about myself; who I am and why I am and how I can live my best life.


Jill K

I started to see Chris in 2002, an amazing 18 years ago, when Reiki was a bit of a mystery to me: What was Reiki? Was it ‘laying on of hands’?

‘Life force energy’ ‘Spiritual Healing’

I wish I could remember clearly why I went at that time, but I clearly had a need - and the time was right. Chris was friendly, caring & professional. Over the years he has continued to treat me during some very difficult & challenging life experiences. I dipped in & out depending on my need. Chris was always ready to listen, to help me understand myself better; never judging but at times maybe challenging me to move forward. He helped me see I had the potential for growth & change.

Some of the session might be spent talking, possibly learning breathing or meditation, and some time for the warming , safety of the Reiki itself : with beautiful calm music & a warm blanket to tuck me in on the couch .

Chris always supported me & was one of the most positive influences over many years & times of change….I am glad I found him.



Sam S

I have been visiting and meeting Chris for over 5 years now and I believe that the work we have done together basically helped me to keep my sanity. Through a mix of what I would call ‘counselling’ and energy healing I have been on a journey of self-development, realising what it is I am and what it is that I want in life; and basically say to myself its ok not to be the person I thought I should be. Chris has a been a great confidant, someone who can discuss issues with and who will give a balanced and impartial viewpoint, challenging me where necessary but also being supportive of me when necessary. The energy healing has both supported this self-development and also helped me in terms of my medical issues. I always feel very centred, relaxed and stress free after a treatment.  I would urge anyone with either physical ailments or emotional issues to visit Chris.